Recent History

We slowed sales from 2010 till 2017. We slowed sales because we had made a mistake, we added to many features in an unorganized manner. So we focused on serving our existing clients, and refining our systems. What had happened is we had added so many features for so many different clients in a less than organized way that our software had grown difficult to use and hard to support.

We have refined event setup so that simple events can be setup and accepting registrations in just a few minutes. Complex events that might have hundreds of classes, dozens of meal options and even more break out sessions might take a few hours to fully upload and test. However if your upload file is well organized your huge complex event could also be operational in just a few minutes.

We also simplified our white labeling technology. Before we could make our system look just like your site but it could take a few hours or even a few days. Now? it’s as fast as installing the WordPress plugin and clicking activate (note you might spend ten minutes or so creating your account).

Security we only use SSL no exceptions before it was optional if you did not accept credit cards. Now the SSL is on 100% of the time and it’s free.

We have also changed our billing we were $5 per registration which was fine if your tickets where in the $500+ range but a bit high if you are only charging $50 and crazy if you were charging less. Now we are a flat 2%. How that works out if your fee to your client is $100 we charge you $2.  If you charge $10 then we charge you $0.20 cents.

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