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Endless things to organize but not endless time let EasyEvent help.

The History of Online Event Registration Software

We started EasyEvent to help with online event registration in 2001 it was a short list of requirements. You kept asking for more functionality and we just kept adding it. You needed more ways to streamline your online event registration setup and perfect your educational conference execution.  You wanted to perfect your expos and your seminars.

Your amazing feedback has helped us create a very robust end user online event registration system, traditional registration,  roster, sign-in sheet and badge printing and bar code attendance tracking system. We have way more stuff. Everything from allowing committees to load your speakers, presenters pre-loading their presentations and materials more and more. If you are looking for a function you don’t see, ask us.

We have kept the system very affordable, very easy to setup and very easy to use.

If your events are free then you get free online event registration otherwise we charge 1%.

We have three levels of support:

  • All: Community Forum support with major assist by DW Alliance staff
  • Paid Events: Online and Scheduled CAlls
  • Emergency/Onsite Support: Must Be Arranged
    • Let us know prior to the event that you want Onsite/Emergency Support

Please note our system is easy to use with extensive videos and built in help. However it’s a big system and asking us a quick question could save you hours of looking and stressing.

Before signing up learn more:

EasyEvent Reg Form – Online Registration Form for Educational Events

EasyEvent Overview

How to Setup Online Event Registration

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