James Brake CEO and Lead Developer

I am just one of those people that likes to help other people. Like most of us.

I have also learned that automation or streamlining and focusing can have a huge impact on how we serve. Being happy is the first step in helping other people be happy.

My Geeky Background …

Like most kids designing since day one. I fortunately had tons of free time and ample resources to design build and as much as my heart desired.

Have loved computers since I first saw one at the Radio Shack in Singing River Mall and started learning to program as soon as I could. My first programming and computer usage class was in 8th grade. By ninth grade with the help of my dad I purchased a TRS-80 from Radio Shack and … read the manual it came with and was diligently making my version PAC-MAN. To be quite honest I was not one of those kids that had an endless amount of quarters.

Oddly enough I had no idea that programming was a valid profession so as a young adult looking for work in the 90’s I worked as everything from ships engineer, to factory manager to dock foreman. Computers were always my hobby and passion but not how I made money.

I met my lovely wife Linda and built my first salmon roe factory at 22. However I got really bored with brining Salmon roe. Fortunately when I was traveling I taught my self web design so I could share my experience with family and friends. Oddly enough I had to print out my first websites and mail it to friends and family because no one had a computer much did they understand what a website was. Nonetheless that personal travel site got me the skill that was marketable. I am not much for graphic design so I quickly ended up building e-commerce sites using Perl.