Get Started with EasyEvent

We want you calm, collected and utterly in control and in the flow with your event. Hopefully you want the same thing as us.

Successful events are all about the setup and being prepared for the things that simply happen.

Lets Get Started with Event Registration Setup

Is your site or

Most web browsers should show a little lock or something similar when on your site. 

What You Need To Do

  1. download and install the EasyEvent event registration registration wordpress plugin
  2. create your account the link is in the settings area of the plugin
  3. configure your plugin with your EasyEvent ID that you got from step 2
  4. create your event from the EasyEvent settings page in your WordPress admin area — the link appears after you finish configuring the plugin
  5. insert the shortcode on the page or pages where you want it

That’s it those simple five steps …. creating your event is as you know where the real work should be.

What our system is doing you for you is helping you to focus your intellect on getting your event organized.  Our system is then freeing you and your staff from the mountain of data entry work normally associated with events. Now this next thing is where the really important stuff is. We keep your event and your attendees organized.

Some of you will be saying I cannot do this(I know this because I have heard it a lot of times). “I cannot be that organized” is what you are saying. You guys have a dozen very good reasons why. Fair enough. I cannot change your mind.

So start small just add a single optional item that you are sure is going to happen. Like the opening night reception if you are going to have one or closing luncheon or a keynote speaker … or maybe just the major tracks you might be having.

5 Steps